Vijaya dashmi Essay in English 2016

Vijaya dashmi Essay in English 2016: Vijaya dashmi is an essential festival In India. It is mainly celebrated by the Hindus. Generally, Vijaya dashmi is known as Dussehra, Vijaya dashmi is fallen in the month of September – October. It is celebrated on the 10th day of Navratri and twenty days previous to Diwali. It marks the victory of Lord Rama over the devil king Ravana. Lord Ram signifies well and Ravana represents evil. Vijaya dashmi is celebrated with grand pomp and show. In the other parts of country Vijaya dashmi is celebrated differently. Vijaya dashmi is celebrated for 10 days.

20Preparations for the festivals begin many days earlier. A large fair is held shops and stalls are set up near the place where the goddess is worshipped. The image of Ravana Kumbhkarana and Meghnad are prepared. Ram Lila is performed in the night. There is too much crowd during the Ram Lila. More than thousands of people in the Ram Lila ground to enjoy the show of Ram Lila. On the last day of Navratri, there is the grand fair huge number of people comes to watch the show. Kids are specifically in a mood to fun and enjoyment. Everybody wear new clothes. In the evening the fair is completely rock.

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