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Navratri Garba Dates 2016 / Songs & Albums: Navratri is a major festival of India, which is celebrated by Hindus people with pomp & show. The Navratri festival is celebrated for Nine days, Maa Durga is worshipped by the people. Navratri festival is celebrated in the different parts of the India. During the Navratri festival, the environment is very happiness.


The mood of people in the eastern state of west Bengal is totally different during the festive season. It is said that Navratri festival is Good triumphs over evil. Maa Durga have killed demon Mahishasura. The Navratri festival is celebrated grandly in the Gujarat, people do Garba dance at the night during Navratri season for nine days. Garba (Dance) is one of the important things of Gujarat, it is nine days festival, with glowing city lights. The presentation of Garba is a famous folk dance of Gujarat, which is decorated of the Navratri celebrations.


About Navratri Garba Dance 2016

Garba is the popular folk dance of Gujarat; it is celebrated in Navratri, a celebration lasting nine nights. Generally, Garba Dance performance starts at the night. The performances are arranged by the different clubs and culture. During the “Garba night,” the participants assemble at an open place like a club, ground or street corners. They stand together in a circle, and the goddess pictures are placed in the centre of the circle. The dance starts with beats in slow tempo and slowly due to the fast beat and tempo of the music the energy level of the dancer is increased. The music is matched by the drummer. Navratri Garba dance is one of the most colourful dance forms. Commonly the Garba is performed by the women but now a day’s men are also participating in Garba dance. Well, the word of Garba is received from ‘Garbha Deep’, the lamp sited inside a perforated earthen pot or Garba.


Navratri Garba songs, Album & Video

Here we are providing to you best Navratri Garba songs.

  • Tara via Shyam
  • Kukda Tari Boli
  • Dholida Dhol Dheemo
  • Pankhida Tu Udi Jaje
  • Ramto Bhamto Jay
  • Ek Var Bolu
  • Avo To Ramvane
  • Odhani Odhu
  • Kesariyo Rang
  • Mahendi Te Vavi

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