Navratri Fasting Rules & Fasting Procedure 2016

Navratri Fasting Rules & Fasting Procedure 2016: Navratri fast and we all knows Navratri festival is dedicated to the nine forms of Goddess Durga. Navratri Fast is the most popular ritual and holy festival for Hindus. Mostly Married, and girls, keep this fast and devote their reverence to goddess Durga. Enjoy this post and if you get more information so comment below this article. If you want this year keeping fast but you don’t know Navratri fasting rule & procedure so don’t worry here we provide you full information about Navratri Fasting rules & procedure and it is very useful for you guys. So read this article and get full information about Navratri Fasting. In India and Nepal many peoples keeping the all nine-day and some first and last so, it’s your choice.


Navratri Fasting Rules

On the Navratri festival have many rules and it is very hard to follow the Navratri Fast (Vrat) rules during the Nine Days. When Navratri begins peoples not allowed to do many things, eat. So here we tell you something which is not allowed in Navratri so read carefully and follow them.

  • Don’t use the onion,garlic and don’t eat on Navratri fast.
  • Don’t eat ice creams which are purchased from the market but you can eat homemade ice cream.
  • Nonveg food, egg these things are not allowed during Navratri.
  • Drinking alcohol, smoking it not allowed in 9 days.
  • Use Rock salt not Common Salt.
  • Don’t cut your hairs, Nails.

Navratri Fasting procedure


On the Festival of Navratri, you keeping fast so have to know all procedure of Navratri fasting if you don’t know so read this para and get all information about Navratri Fasting procedure.

  • Firstly peoples take bath early in the morning and put clean and fresh clothes.
  • Do goddess puja, lighting the Diya, read some shloaks, mantra, offered the prasad to the goddess.
  • At the evening again do puja and offered prasad to the goddess.
  • On Navratri day you have to eat one meal only a day after evening puja.
  • Breaking the Navratri fast at the evening you can eat kuttu ki puri, singhare ka halwa, aloo, sabudana etc but without Onion, garlic.

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