Happy Navratri Essay in English 2016

Happy Navratri Essay in English 2016: The Hindus famous festival Navratri is the nine days of the festival which is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga. This is a long festival which is celebrated by Hindu till the nine days. Everybody celebrate this festival with lots of happiness and full of reverence. Before coming to this festival people start to clean their house and temple also buy a maa Durga’s statue. During this festival, people get up early in the morning and do worship of maa Durga all family member do aarti together, it continuously for nine days.


To mark of respect to goddess Durga, Garba dance is celebrated whole night for nine days. Mostly the Garba dance is done by Gujarati people, Garba is the most important part of the celebration of Gujarati in a Navratri festival well, there are many different types of dances are done by the people, from the major garba, people dance in a circle around the modify or an image of Maa Durga, too many forms of Dandiya Raas, this is a dance with two sticks (dandiyas) and a partner.


During this festival, nine forms of Devi are worshiped by the people. This is the very important festival, which is celebrated by all over India and Nepal. The nine days celebrations are celebrated with grandly, accordingly, past recognition people feed small 9 girls to the tribute of goddess Durga (which calls “Kanya pujan”) on the 9th day of Navratri, making halwa, puri, and chana. The tenth day of Navratri generally known as Vijaya dashi or “Dussehra”. Here Navratri festival is the end.

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Goddesses of nine days of Navratri

The each day of Navratri is tribute to different goddesses are

The first day of Navratri is dedicated to Maa “Shailputri”
The second day is devoted to “Brahmacharini”
Day third is loving to “Chandraghanta”
Day four is specially devoted to “Kushmandas”
The fifth day is devoted to “Skanda Mata”z
The sixth day is dedicated to Maa “Katyani”
Day seventh is tribute to Maa “Kalratri”
Day eighth is tribute to “Maha Gauri”
Ninth day is worshiped of “siddhidatri”
The day tenth is vijayadasmi dedicated to “Saraswati”

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