Happy Navratri 2016 – About Navratri Festival

Happy Navratri 2016 – About Navratri Festival: Navratri Festival is celebrated by Hindu peoples with faith and full devotion, it is the one of the biggest Hindu Festival celebrated every year and this festival is the celebrations of Nine Days. On every day peoples worship the different goddess. Navratri Festival exact date is fixed by the movement of Moon according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar but mostly take place around the Month of September or October. Navratri festival is celebrated in the various country with the different solemnity.Navratri means “Nine Nights” and this day is celebrated with full of fun, happiness, joy. On this festival many peoples keeping fast and at end of fast people’s worship of 9 girls(Kanya) because Nine girls(Kanya) is a symbol of Nine Goddess. On this day especially in Gujarat, peoples celebrate nine-day with Garba Dance or Dandiya. On the Navratri, festival peoples pray to Goddess Durga to destroy the Evil during the Navratri and wants to help and strength from the goddess to fight against evil. All over we can say it is not only Navratri is one of the largest festivals of the country and not bring its peoples together, it’s also symbolised our National Honesty and Union.


This Festival is celebrated with full of Devotion in two Country :

West Bengal: In west Bengal Men and women celebrate this festival as a Durga Pooja with lots of happiness and worship of the Huge idol of Goddess Durga.

durga puja

Gujarat: In Gujarat, people celebrate this day in the traditional way like Garba dance, they wear the colourful Indian traditional dresses. But now in India is also carry the tradition dresses, Garba dance because this is organised in many places and a huge number of people attend this function.

gujrat navratri image

The Nine Goddess Name whose worship we do in Navratri:

Nine Goddess images

  1. Maa Shailputri
  2. Maa Brahamcharini
  3. Maa Chandraghanta
  4. Maa Khusmanda
  5. Maa Skandamata
  6. Maa Katyayani
  7. Maa Kalkatri
  8. Maa Mahagauri
  9. Maa Siddhidatri

Navratri celebration and fast

Navratri celebration and fast

On this day peoples keeping fast and they eat only Fruits, milk entire the nine days. Some important thing which we do and don’t :


  • Some people eat only fruits and drink milk during the entire nine days and nights.
  • Some eat meal one time a day and that meal should be satvik, which means the vegetarian meal which is made without the use of onion and garlic.
  • Fasting is good to keep mind, body and thoughts pure during the time of Navratri.
  • Light a Jyot in front of Goddess Durga statue or picture throughout the nine days and nights.
  • At the morning and evening start the prayers with praying for Lord Ganesha and then perform aarti in front of Goddess Durga.


  • Men do not shave or cut their hair, beard during this Navratri.
  • People don’t wear black clothes during this period and avoid leather goods with them.
  • On this day people worship young girls and give sweets and different types of traditional and delicious food items. They consider them as a form of Goddess Durga.

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